Thursday, December 6, 2018


In Isaiah 9:6, we read: “For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder.”

“The service was long.” Timmy said as he followed Grandfather down the church steps to the truck.

“Didn’t get much out of it, huh? What’d you do? Count the light bulbs?” Grandfather chuckled. “Guess I thought the same when I was your age.”

Seatbelts fastened, he pulled into the street, headed south. “We’re not going home?”

“Nope. Thought we’d take a detour.” Out of town, he turned down a dirt road filled with pot holes and deep ruts. Timmy leaned forward.

“We’re going to the farm?” Grandfather nodded, brought the truck to a stop. “That old barn looks like it’s about to fall down.”

“Come on.” He reached behind his seat, pulled out a bag. “I brought lunch. Grab that blanket, will you?” He pushed open the barn door, motioned his grandson inside. Timmy sneezed.

“This place is a palace compared to the stable where our Lord was born,” Grandfather said. “Help me spread the blanket.” Timmy remained quiet as they ate their sandwiches.

The December wind whistled through the cracks, stirring bits of hay and debris. The sun’s rays highlighted dust motes dancing in the air.

“I never thought about where the Lord Jesus was born. Why wasn’t He born in a palace?”

“He chose to remove His royal robes in Heaven and came to earth as a little baby, helpless and dependent,” Grandfather said. "He did it to offer everyone His grace and love, no matter if they’re lowly born or born in a fancy home. He invites whosoever to come.”

“That includes me,” Timmy whispered, turned to Grandfather, tears in his eyes. “I am so sorry. I forgot what He has done for me.”

Grandfather put his arm around his shoulders. “I understand. We humans have a tendency to accept the gifts He gives us and forget we receive the gifts because He took our place on the cross.” Timmy dipped his head. “But the good news? He loves us and He understands us.” His head snapped up. He smiled.

Kingdom Thinking. The Christmas season brings so much my calendar soon fills up. But I must remember this is a time of the year to remember the Lord Jesus came to Earth as a baby to prepare the way to Heaven. He loves me and has a plan for my life. You are included. Won’t you come?