Thursday, August 2, 2018


In Acts 22:15, we read: "For you will be His witness to all men of what you have seen and heard."

“I can’t be a witness. I can’t talk to people like you, Grandfather.”

“What is a witness, son?” Timmy’s brow furrowed.

“Guess a witness is someone who tells what happened.”

“Right. Do you trust what anyone says?” Timmy chewed on his bottom lip.

“Not everyone. Sometimes they don’t tell the truth.”

“Right, again. You trust Mr Jim, down the street?” Seeing Timmy’s nod, he asked. "Why?”

“Because he’s nice to me. He stood up for me when those bullies chased me, remember? He was sweeping the sidewalk in front of his store and...”

“I remember. So he looks out for you?”

“More than that, Grandfather. He’s my friend.” Grandfather smiled.

“Now we’re getting somewhere. You see, son, being a witness is much more than talk. It’s the way we act, the way we live. When you have the Lord Jesus in your heart, He’s the one who witnesses as you allow Him to fill your life.”

“That’s not easy. I still do bad things.” Grandfather chuckled.

“We humans have a tendency to do that.” He put his arm around his grandson. “But we have hope and the Lord Jesus commands we let others know they can have hope, too.”

“Even the bullies?”

“Even the bullies.” He squeezed Timmy’s shoulder.

Kingdom Thinking. I was wrong. Witnessing includes much more than sticking a track in someone’s hand. It’s a way of life. The Lord Jesus promises to love me and never leave nor forsake me. In my daily walk, He reaches out to others through me. He’ll do the same for you. Won’t you come?